How to contribute to MAMIAS

SPA/RAC welcomes scientists and the general public to contribute to updating the scientific information in order to prevent as appropriate, minimize and limit, monitor, and control marine biological invasions and their impacts on biodiversity, human health, and ecosystem services.

You can contribute to MAMIAS by letting us know the published results of your recent research on non-indigenous species (copies of your publications to be sent to

and Reporting observations through MAMIAS web application after registration if you don't have an active account

Scientists, Projects, and the general public willing to share geospatial information/observation about non-indigenous species in the Mediterranean via MAMIAS are invited to register. The following Excel file contains the template to be used, the species list to be monitored, and the minimum information required by MAMIAS for georeferenced Occurences:
  • The scientific name of the species already verified with WoRMS and listed;
  • X, Y coordinates where the species has been observed (using World Geodetic System, WGS84, as reference coordinate system);
  • Depth, type of observation (Plants/Animals), (surface or number of individuals);
  • Date when the species has been observed ;